In planning a small bathroom renovation which is comfortable, we really need to give attention in all the components that play a role in the bathroom. Because the bathroom is a room we always  use every day, certainly should make us more creative in those settings, especially if the bathroom we have isn’t too broad or even too narrow and small. Small bathroom is the one place that needs attention to decorate it. The bathroom will be suffocating, small, and impressed decoration full with primer, for this reason, sometimes you need to make those changes. To do so, then consider your idea in small bathroom renovation. This could help you in carrying out the project. In addition, a small bathroom renovation is not a great job and it’s difficult. Remember one thing that you are going to the bathroom renovation which is small so you are not disturbed by selection of the proper decoration. Think simply, then it will make it feels easy.

At this first stage of small bathroom renovation , among the readers asked why between the toilet seat and showers hould be given a glass divider and the difference in height of the floor. We chose a glass divider as it has a transparent color, so it won’t give the impression of a narrow bathroom, in addition to avoid  the water enterring to the toilet seat when showering. For ease of maintenance the toilet seat, then we should design it in order to be always dry. Because when humid and always exposed to water in the toilet seat, then it can cause the growth of mildew and bacteria that are often difficult to clean, due to the location of the growth in a difficult to reach by hand. And for the same reason, then we give you the difference in height between the floor of the toilet seat and shower. The second stage of small bathroom renovation  is the proper circulation in order to ripen there is no space wasted. This stage covers also a great  door size and direction of the shower door openings that are appropriate. After getting the proper circulation, so it is easy to determine the area of the towels and toiletries.

The third stage of small bathroom renovation  is the maturation of a supporting element in the bathroom. To request a bath, we provide an alternative to using keg pottery. The use of earthenware, large selection because it is not required a large space in its placement and can be moved when not needed. This alternative submission due to the function of the container the tubs are not permanent and are used only when the channel clean water at shower experience interference after doing small bathroom renovation.

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