The development of high technology bathrooms or toilet is currently growing rapidly along with the residential development, as well as 5-star hotels. Experts say the current bathroom standard will be abandoned because people demand interactive experiences and emotions.

People demand a sense of comfort and pampering on the one hand, and wanted the various aspects of the technology that has become a dependency in daily life, according to the report the manufacturer of bathroom fixtures. The latest integrated products from Kohler named Veil answers the needs of high technology bathrooms with a sleek and stylish form contemporer fashion.

With a design that is firm, smooth, and hidden, toilet tank Veil offers the functionality of the smart toilet with very minimal use of space.

Veil present advanced technology with features that promote user comfort, among other sensors that automatically open and close the cover of the high technology bathrooms following the movements of user and move away from the approaching the toilet.

With the French Curve toilet holder display ala Kohler, the toilet provides an ergonomic design to minimize pressure points and increase comfort. See that the toilet seat is made of materials that contain anti-bacterial for maximum hygiene. The high technology bathrooms Veil combines advanced features and a beautiful display to provide maximum comfort and hygiene of the user.

The unique design of the acclaim even prestigious International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) by 2015. The combination of innovative features and a dazzling display at Veil, Kohler returned to “benchmark” the luxury of a high technology bathrooms. Veil will add comfort and convenience to the daily life of society Indonesia are sophisticated and intelligent. Market shares Kohler to segment integrated sanitary in Asia Pacific amounted to 80 per cent.

These products involve many designers from different parts of the world, and they are considering working with Designer Indonesia.

Use of the remote control touch screen tech on the Veil is designed in such a manner until the user can control the entire existing features such as adjustment of water temperature, position of the nozzle and the type of its use, the toilet seat warmer, dryer, deodorizer, night light and a flush control.

For maximum hygiene, bidet nozzle can clean itself and use a sterile water. The high technology bathrooms flushing systems are equipped with a Veil with amazing toilet bowl-shaped holder presents to flush the cleaner, the use of double jet engines provide a strong suction power so that the flushing into efficient and fast water flow is able to remove the residue. Available in a choice of flush 3.0 liter full and three liters of the ecoflush, Veil toilet integrated offers significant water savings.

Consumers will also be more intelligent water-saving and energy-related. Waste water from the shower will be recycled, while high technology bathrooms fixtures will convert excess energy into heat.

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